The Foundation Course

5 Chapters 50 Lessons Easy

About this course

This Foundation Course, as its name suggests, gives you a firm foundation to build on, making you ready for all of the changes you may need to make in your life.

Firstly we’ll give you a recap of who we are, and explain the methods and technology we use in our courses. We’ll introduce you to how Cognitive Biases (problems in your thinking) that could be holding you back, and also show you some of the Success Heuristics (or better mental shortcuts) that people use to succeed in their lives life.

We aim to make you more aware of yourself particularly of how you, the people around you, and how society itself may be influencing you in negative ways. We will help you to think with more clarity about your current situation and introduce you to some basic coaching methods you can use to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Then last part of the foundation course introduces you to some of the mental ‘hang-ups’ that make a person reluctant to change, and we’ll work you through the most frequent problems that stop people in their tracks even before they get to that first hurdle.

Our lessons are short and concise, factual, and all in easily absorbable chunks, highlighting the common problems seen in real people and the improvements that can be made to how they think.

We use real-life examples of the problems and the results that work gathered from my many years of talking to people with similar issues.

We hope you enjoy the course and take the time you need to take to get the most from it. It’s not a crash course, its a course structured to take you forwards in small considered steps towards a new you. Throughout the course I ask you some questions. I’d recommend you read each lesson and then go away and spend some time answering these questions in the workbook provided. The answers will get you to think outside of what’s holding you back and make the learning from the lessons stick.

With each lesson you will start to gain more clarity, you will begin to think more clearly, help you to finally overcome some of the obstacles in your way, helping you to get ready for change so that you can build the foundations of your new life.

Course Structure

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Introduction 11 Lessons

Aims of the Foundation Course

This lesson gives you a quick introduction to what the foundation course can do for you. 

Reality Check

You need to look around and take a reality check if you're ever going to have a hope of getting what you want.

Help from the Frontline

This lesson is about the importance of the information within this course being straight from the frontline.   

Problems and Getting Stuck

The problem with problems is that sometimes they can get you stuck, and if you get stuck in your problems you can also get stuck in life. 

This short lesson explains why a problem-based approach can really help you to get your life unstuck, and make better decisions.

How You Think

This article helps you to understand a bit more about the way you think and why our targeted approach will help you to think yourself better.

Cognitive Bias and Success Heuristics

This lesson gives you an introduction to the importance of thinking better, I'm also going to introduce you to the concept of cognitive biases and success heuristics, how you can use our approach to learn how to think better, and the importance of better thinking for real change in your life.

Poor Thinking is Dangerous

Sometimes to fix a problem you need to see it first, the problem is that sometimes we just don't see the mental hangups that have got us stuck.

The Knowing and Doing Paradox

There's a relationship between both knowing and doing called the knowing and doing paradox, understanding this relationship is often a key to success.

The Zero Risk Bias

This article is an explanation of the zero-risk bias, how it can prevent you from succeeding, and why you need to understand that safety is not what you think.

A Map and a Guide

Our courses are just a map or a guide to some of the common problems people face, here we'll also discuss the difference between the map and the journey.

A Summary of our Approach

This gives you a brief introduction to different types of self-improvement techniques, and methods we use throughout our courses. 

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You 12 Lessons

The Onion Analogy

This lesson helps you to understand that it's not all about what's on the surface.

Denial and the Ostrich Effect

In this lesson we're going to talk about Denial and also get you thinking of the Ostrich effect.

The Elephant in the Room

So let's talk about the elephant in the room.

Primary Gain

So what's in it for you if you keep that problem.

Getting Stuck

This lesson looks at why getting stuck in your problems is not a good thing.

Reactance Bias

Reactance bias can make you hang onto the things that you really should be letting go of, but used in the right way it can also be used to drive you to better things too. 

The Mountain and the Mole Hills

Are you over thinking your worries and your problems. 

Affect Heuristic

The affect heuristic gives us a glimpse of the roles our emotions play in our lives.

Pessimism Bias

Is pessimistic thinking ruining your life.

Sunk Cost Fallacy

Are you spending your energy, time and effort into things that will never give you what you want? 

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The People Around You 8 Lessons

Conformity Tendency

Is the tendency to conform and be part of the group holding you back.

The Bandwagon Effect

Are we jumping on the wrong band wagon in life?  

Secondary Gain

Are we gaining something externally from having our problems. 

The Envy and Jealousy Bias

Is the Envy and Jealousy Bias blinding you to what's really important?

Authority Misinfluence

Are you being held back by authority misinfluence?  

The Reverse Halo Effect

How do you respond to other people and how do they respond to you. This lesson discussed the Halo and the Reverse Halo Effect.

The Self Serving Bias

Do you suffer from the self serving bias and is your ballon ready to burst. 

They Syndrome

This lesson discusses a really common condition which is easy to diagnose called They Syndrome.  

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Society 6 Lessons

Introduction to Society

A quick introduction to how problems in socierty may be holding you back too.

Population Breakdown

This is rather a long lesson about society, it'll show you where you fit, where other fit, and what problems we all face.

The Sofarisation mindset

Are you suffering from the scurge of sofarisation and the sofarisation mindset.

The Trap of Entitlement

This lesson discusses the entitlement bias and the problems that arise if you get stuck in the trap of entitlement. 


We live in society where we have an abundance of easy options, can you make the hard choices in life when you already have more of what you need. 

The GROW Model of Coaching

This lesson introduces you to the GROW model of coaching, which can be used as a great tool to help you to fix a few of those practical problems you might be facing now.  

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Getting Ready for Change 13 Lessons

Getting to the Bus Stop

We often fall before the first hurdle, in fact let's go back a few step because most people fail before they even start.

Confirmation Bias

What do you see when you look at the World around you, here's why  confirmation bias can have a huge affect on your life.

The Wheelbarrow Test

Here's a really simple question, can you put your problems in a wheelbarrow? 

The Glass Half Empty

In this lesson we play around with your perception and the meaning you get from the glass half empty or the glass half full paradox. 

The Framing Effect

What you see in the world around you can effect what you do in life, you reality really is just your perception of reality.

Looking for Paradox

Sometimes we don't need to know the answer sometimes sometimes it's the meaning that counts. 

Omission Bias

Omission bias is the cognitive bias that allows us to accept inaction as being more acceptable than taking action.  

Comfort Zone and Safety

This lesson talks about why being in your comfort zone for too long may not be the safest place to be.

The Nocebo Effect

Are you a victim of the Nocebo effect.

Drug Mis-Influence Tendency

Is anything else distorting your perception of the World around you.

Congruence Bias

This lesson is all about a really stubborn bias called the congruence bias.

Information Bias

Ever thought that wanting to know to much first could be stopping you before you even get started.   

Probabilistic Thinking

Waiting for your luck to change? Then you’d better read this article because you may be suffering from probabilistic thinking.