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With over 50,000 hours of face to face consulting, our courses can help you let go of what’s holding you back and finally give you the clarity to strive for the future you really deserve.

Award winning

This website is for people who want to build a better life for themselves with our behavioural change and coaching techniques from experienced and award winning practitioners.

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Are you Discounting your Life?

Discounting is a cognitive effect that means we often make our decisions without fully realising the value of those choices.

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It's what we do

Our articles are written by award winning doctors, psychiatrists and coaches with an interest in behavioural change. We started this website because we were tired of listening to advice from self proclaimed self-help gurus. 

So we've spent decades helping other people make a difference in their lives, and this website is just our way of reaching out and helping you too.

No Quick Wins

Here's the plain truth, if you're going to make those changes in your life and get what you want then you're going to have to put in some real time and effort, and here's the bad news... there are no quick wins or magic shortcuts. 

I know that our methods and courses work, but you've got to be willing to put in the time and effort too. When you're ready to change we're always here to help.

Who We Are For

At Juvenate we can help you if you need to fix something in your life. If you're just stuck in life, stuck in your problems, or stuck in a mindset that's getting you down, then we can give you the tools to help you change your life.

Our products can help you if you want to let go of the problems that have got you stuck, whilst also showing you how to think in the ways that really successful people do.