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Who is Juvenate

Juvenate was founded over a decade ago by Dr Jeff Stoker to provide healthcare consultancy, life coaching and self help to people who really want to make a change in their lives.  

New Ideas

With over 50,000 hours of face to face consulting, our courses can help you let go of what’s holding you back and finally give you the clarity to strive for the future you really deserve. We help real people with real problems and give them the solutions to make real change in their lives.


Our products and courses are designed and written by fully licensed medical professionals.

Dr. Jeff Stoker is a professional member of the Association of NLP.

Award Winning

Behavioural change techniques from experienced and award winning practitioners.

Who we are for

Jeff Stoker Director of Juvenate

This website if for people who want to build a better life for themselves,we want to help people who have got stuck in life, stuck in their problems, or get stuck in a mindset that is effecting their health and well-being. 

'We want to help you break free of what's holding you back and learn how to be the best you can be' -

Dr Jeff Stoker.

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What People are saying about Juvenate

What do other people think about us, our methods and our courses.

"Jeff's grasp of linguistics and behavioural change is amongst the most effective I have witnessed, with this he has taught me a great deal about effective communication".

"His methodology and integration of NLP techniques into traditional practice whilst also training others to do the same has helped to make a difference by creating real change in patients".

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Download this short guide to show how our courses are constructed, how and why our methods work, and learn a little more about us too.

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100% Effort and COMMITMENT

Here at Juvenate we believe that our courses will help transform your life, we really want to help people that are really committed to helping themselves and to get unstuck from the mindset that is effecting their health and well-being.

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