Getting Stuck in Problems

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This lesson introduces you to the concept that you can get stuck in your problems due to errors in your thinking and also why being stuck is not a good place to be.

40,000 Hours of Problems (and still counting).

For the last 20 years, we’ve sat in consultation rooms listening to people telling us about their problems, and what struck our team was why some people got stuck in their problems and stuck in their lives, whilst other people just seemed to be able to handle anything life threw at them.

We’ve studied how people can get hung up in their thinking and stuck in their problems, and we know where just minor changes in their thought processes can literally set them free.

There are Clear Patterns in Problems

This may come as a shock to many of you, but other people have similar problems to the ones you have. You are not unique, and you are not alone.

Our Coaches have realised that with each problem typically comes a specific pattern in your thinking that can either help or hinder you. By using a cognitive approach, we look at the most common mental hang-ups and teach you how to fix your problems by changing the way you think.

You will, therefore, learn how to think and then behave in ways that point you towards success whilst also learning how not to think and behave in ways that typically lead to failure (often time and again).

Problem Based Approach

Our courses use a problem-based approach to self-improvement; we will give you real examples of where a person’s thinking pattern has caused them to get stuck in commonly faced problems.

Just by its very nature, a problem is there to get you stuck because, after all, problems are just dilemmas, hurdles to jump, or obstacles to overcome, and all too often, for many of us, life can seem that it is just one problem after another.

Our real-life approach using all too common examples will make it very easy for you to apply the content learned in each lesson to your personal problems so you can get your life unstuck.

Problems Can Put Your Life on Hold

A problem can range from a persistent niggle to a really complicated situation. Some problems have simple solutions, and some even sort themselves out given enough time, but sometimes people get so mentally stuck in a particular problem that their whole life just seems to go on hold.

When you have errors in your thinking, you very often can’t see a way out of the problem you’re facing, and typically, you get stuck in an unresourceful way of thinking where even common sense doesn’t apply.

When there is an inability to see a way out of a problem, your anxiety and worries can build, things often seem to get worse, and eventually, stress levels rise, and your mental and physical health starts to suffer. As I’ve said before, being stuck in a problem is not a good place to be.

People fail because they get Stuck

This course will take you on a journey through common problems, cognitive biases, success heuristics (don’t worry, we’ll talk about these very soon), and the mental hang-ups and distorted thinking patterns that can cause trouble in your life.

We use tools and methods found in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (otherwise known as NLP), Counselling and Coaching to help you towards much better ways of thinking to get you unstuck in lessons written by our award-winning coaches.

In each of our lessons, we want to get you unstuck and help you solve a common problem in your thinking that could be holding you back, and by helping you think in much better ways, we will help you handle some of the dilemmas, niggles and problems you may too be facing.

Change can be Difficult

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Change can be difficult, and people can fall short because they really aren’t ready for the changes they want to bring to their lives, so we have designed a course that makes change easy. All of the small changes in your thinking that each lesson gives you throughout this course will help you start to develop a mindset ready for change and one that could be a solid foundation for the new you.

Whether change for you is difficult or not, we know we can help, and the foundation course gives you a solid approach to a more flexible and fluid mindset.

Key Learning Points

  • People get stuck in their problems.
  • Being mentally stuck is not a healthy place to be.
  • Our lessons show you how you can get mentally unstuck by helping you to change how you think.
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