Stop Failing Before you even get Started

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People often fail before they even start, they never make it to the race, or they give up before they even get started.

Something is holding them back, sometimes they’re not ready, or sometimes they even self-sabotage their chances because they just wouldn’t be able to cope with that better life.

Find Out What’s Holding You Back

If you feel resistant to change or you keep making the same mistakes, then this course can help you; in the lessons to come, as I’ve said in the previous introductory lessons, we will look at different ways you can look at common problems that affect people in similar situations that you find yourself in. Often, people don’t know why they have failed, why they keep making the same mistakes, or why, no matter how hard they try and try again, they just don’t move on or get their lives unstuck.

We will look at the most common errors in your thinking that could be holding you back – causing you to fail before you start, and that need to be corrected for you to start something new. The foundation course teaches you the mindset to make those changes you need to make.

Each lesson shows a common error in thinking, a reason why a person gets stuck in their problem, a way of thinking or situation that could be holding them back, and a better mindset needed to build success.

A Mindset to Build on

The Foundation course is designed to get you started, and as its name implies, it gives you a mindset you can build on, and it will help you to fill in some of the gaps in how you see the world to give you a more realistic view and also a better appreciation of yourself.

In the next few lessons, you will be introduced to some terminology and some of the science behind our approach; I’m not going to give you too much technical jargon, and I’m certainly not going to use big scientific words to try and sound clever or knowledgeable, in fact, I’m going to do the reverse I’m going to distil the big medical words, research and other information into easy to read lessons, each in bite-size chunks concentrating on one particular topic.

What you will learn in each lesson has been built up from decades of talking to real people with real problems and understanding why despite all of their efforts, they just keep failing.

This Course is not Designed to make you Happy

To change your life, you need to change too.

It’s just not politically correct to say this, but some people deep down don’t really want to change, and they will not like some of the chapters to come because the lessons may highlight problems in themselves and other examples that, when applied to their life will be too painful to accept.

There will also be things holding people back that they’re not yet ready to let go of, or how getting rid of a problem can free them up to a scary new world where they no longer have an excuse.

All I can say is if you’ve paid for the course, you’ve got life-long access to it, work at each chapter and come back to it when you’re ready.

Sometimes change happens instantly, the penny drops, and you instantly see things differently, often though, change takes time and a while longer to pan out.

I can’t guarantee this cause will make you happy, I cannot guarantee your success, and all I can guarantee is a course built from real-world problems and from the hang-ups that real people get.

If all you get is one lesson that gives you a better insight and frees you up mentally, then that’s the most important lesson you’ll ever read, and I apologise if you’ve had to read all the others first. But nobody’s perfect, and on that note, here’s a confession I can identify with a lot of the mental traits and thinking errors in these lessons myself, and sometimes we all need to ‘re-tune’ our thinking from time to time.

Please Reach Out to us too

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Please let me and our team know how you get on, tell me how this course has changed you and join our community and help me to make this and our future courses even better.

So if you’re ready for change, I hope you enjoy the rest of the course, and I wish you all the luck and success in the world.

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