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An Introduction to Juvenate

Dr Jeff Stoker

Our courses and books are all about the things we do just as much as the things we don’t do in life, with a specific focus on how the way we think can be the main reason why we succeed, as well as the reason why we can also failed to succeed in life.

If you have made it this far into the website, I have now got my chance to tell you a little bit more about us and about the courses we’ve put together at Juvenate.

But before I go into the courses in more depth, I’m going to tell you the story about how all of this all started.

It must be at least ten or more years ago when I started to publish my work on this website, initially it started as a blog where I’d write about the reasons why people get stuck in their lives. In a cathartic way it helped me journal and rationalise on my practice. Actually, most of my day involves me sitting in a consultation room listening to people’s problems before I try to help them, and initially the Juvenate blog site was a way of documenting some of the solutions to some of the common problems people had.

From these beginnings, my writing became a point of reference and a store for the articles I had written, over the years and as the content grew and I increasingly became aware of the need to structure and catalogue this knowledge so it could be shared more easily to my readers.

As the years passed the traffic to my website grew, I’d really like to think that sometimes something I have written has hit home and had made a difference to someone out there, and that is the purpose of why I continue to write and develop courses.

Our course and our blogs are a distilled result of over 10 years of work and almost 500 articles, blogs, notes, research, and reflections when I’m working with real people with real problems.

I’ve spent the last 18 months getting things structured, re-branding, creating a platform with the common theme on taking the reader on a journey of discovery so that you can find out a little bit more about what makes you think the way they do, what you can do if you feel mentally stuck in your problems, and how you can improve your thinking with the purpose of improving your life.

I’m going to give you examples of the things I’ve seen in my own practice talking to my patients, and I know that my readers will also have some of these problems in common too.

I have tried to get away from the big words that some of my fellow self-help writers use to big themselves up, where I can I’ve written stuff in plain English and I hope I’ve explained things with examples that you can relate to as well. So I have tried to write my articles like we were sitting next to each other having a chat, or a one to one coaching session.

The articles I’ve written and the courses explain and rationalise the ways of thinking that’re really going to help you in the real-world with not too much technical psychobabble. I just want you to understand a little bit more about why you may be stuck or failing at something as well as the reasons others are succeeding so that you can then make those changes you need to make.

For years psychologists know that the way you think makes a real difference in your life especially when you are faced with all the problems life throws at you.

But getting stuck in a problem, and a problem mindset brings with it a lot of emotional unrest, if you’ve ever felt stuck at any time in your life then I think I can help and I will give examples of many of the thinking traits, the behaviour patterns, and the cognitive biases that cause us problems in our everyday lives and more importantly how you can start fixing these problems too by developing better thinking patterns called success heuristics that can lead to much better outcomes when you are confronted with what life throws at you.

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About the author

Dr Jeff Stoker

Clinician, writer, educator, speaker, and problem expert. Helping people to think better, to solve problems, and get their lives unstuck.

Winner of the Coaching and NLP in Healthcare Award at the 2018 ANLP International Conference.

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