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Jeff Stoker Director of Juvenate

Welcome to the Foundation Course

Welcome to the Foundation Course

I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours talking to people who’ve got stuck in their lives and also stuck in the problems they face.

Each day I continue to see people make poor decisions, and despite their best efforts, they remain unable to move their lives forwards and make the changes they often already know they need to make.

So this course has been designed to help people who have got stuck, who could be making the same mistakes again and again and don’t know why, for anyone frustrated by their life, and for those that find change difficult.

The Foundation Course will help you look at yourself and some of the most likely mental hangups that could be holding you back. We will then show you better ways of thinking so that you can learn to deal with these issues.

Our approach is solution focused because it comes up with solutions to the most common problems in the next 50 or so lessons and the coaching exercises at the end of each lesson will help you find out about yourself, improve your thinking, and also help you to make better decisions in your life.

You may also notice that this course will continue to change and be updated; new lessons will be added, audio and video content will be included too, and you will also start to see us start to reach out and build our presence on social media.

My advice is not to rush and take each lesson step by step, and yes, some of the lessons will be more relevant to you than others, but each lesson is there for a reason. In addition, each of the questions we ask in the coaching exercises is there to help you gain insight into yourself to gain more clarity and embed what you have learned.

From the entire Juvenate team, we wish you the best of luck on your journey, and please reach out and let me know how you get on and what was the difference that made the difference for you.

Dr Jeff Stoker, Director and Chief Coach

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