The worst possible out come seldom happens, the worst possible outcome is however what we fear the most.

Many people spend their lives fearing the worst possible outcome to the extent that they fail to action to do what they should be doing now to effect the most likely outcome.

Perhaps those people who spend their day worrying about bad things happening by doing so make them more likely to happen because are spending their time worrying instead of working towards what they really want.

It’s like being behind the wheel of a skidding car in the snow that is heading straight towards a telegraph pole, you have 2 options, either focus on the pole and jam on your brakes locking your wheels and end up crashing straight into it, or look away from the pole, find a grip and take action to steer yourself towards a better outcome.

Focusing on bad things does not help you play to your strengths, additionally focussing on the worst possible outcome takes mental energy and causes stress, anxiety and sleepless nights.

“What’s the worst that could happen” tends never to happen.

Maybe instead we should spend our time focussing on solutions to get what we want, and not what we don’t want, focussing on the best possible outcome makes us optimistic, it makes us practical, it makes us think of solutions and we get inspired and driven to do now what we need to do now to make things happen.