The Newspaper story is a delightful story that has many meanings on many different levels, I first read a version of the newspaper story in a Jack Canfield book and then again in a book by Robin Sharma.

I hope you enjoy the story,

A man is busy working at home when his young 5 year old child comes into his study and with the enthusiasm that children have in abundance he asks his Dad if they can go to the park.

The Dad in the middle of his work tries to resist his son’s requests but the child persists, and with frustration, the Dad looks around him and lifts up a newspaper and opens it up to double page picture of a map of the world.

He then pulls out the map, and tears it up into handfuls of small pieces and gives them to his son.

He then says “after you put together this map of the world, then we will go to the park.” his son took the pieces of the newspaper in both hands and scurried eagerly over to the other side of the room and set to without delay.

The Dad knew that his son had no idea what a map of the world looked like, and thinking it would take him ages he got back to his work.

Five minutes later his son ran across to his Dad, “I finished he said, can we go to the park now”

The Dad thought his son was making it up, but on the floor was the finished makeshift jigsaw of the map of the world.

“How did you finish this so quickly?” he asked his son

“It was easy, Daddy.” said the boy as he turned over the pieces of the jigsaw one at a time, and on the other side of the world map was a photograph of a man.

“You see, when you put the man back together the whole world falls into place.”

The Newspaper story helps you appreciate the important things in life, yet on a deeper level there are many other meanings, like many of our stories they are there for you to read and to contemplate rather than for me to try and give you the answers, I hope you enjoyed the story please feel free to share it with others.