FOWYW and The Art Of Being Successful.

How would you like to make sure you ace every interview from today, think clearly under pressure. Or improve your performance on stage, in high-stakes business meetings and in crucial sales presentations? Hey, how about no sweat marks on your shirt from now on,  and no trembling hands? Maybe also feel good, sound great, and look even better!

Would you like absolute control of your mind and zen-like command of your physiology especially when it matters most, and wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use your brain when and how you want to, instead of letting your nerves take control and ruin your performance.

Let me tell you a little story: a few years ago I applied for a job as a European Business Proposal Writer with a big international corporation, one of the people there commented that she had never seen anyone looking so calm and relaxed before an interview.  Yes, she was talking about me! And I got the job by the way. No sweat, literally!

So what is my secret?

Well, it’s called the FOWYW strategy.

FOWYW stands for…  ‘Focus On What You Want’.

Yes! Do it! Because what would be the point of focusing on what you don’t want?? What a waste of energy.

Because when you focus on what you want, you will be in a great state of mind and your physiology will reflect it: no crazy heartbeat, no sweaty palms, no dry mouth and no shaky voice!

Instead you will feel and appear calm, settled and composed, your behaviour will reflect this; your thinking will be sharper, your smile quicker, and your answers spot on target, and maybe just that little bit outside the box. What’s not to love about lateral thinking, right? Your results… Well, your results will speak for themselves.

I focused on what I wanted before that interview: in my head I could see, hear and feel myself walking out of the interview room, smiling and so happy because I’d got the job… and you know what? There were no nerves, just excitement at the thought of all the good stuff ahead of me.

Who says thoughts can’t become reality?

So Focus On What You Want, because the art of being successful is all about being able to apply the principle of ‘FOWYW’ to what you really want in life, so work out what you want, and go make it happen!

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