Coaching Questions.

Coaching is the process of drawing out potential, in individuals we call it Life Coaching and in business we call the process Business Coaching. 

The purpose of coaching is to get the individual or a group of people in a business onto the right track, to identify and work to their strengths, and  to formulate and effectively work towards their respective goals.

By popular demand from other coaches here’s a list of the commonest coaching questions used by our life and business coaches to draw out potential in a client.

Remember Coaching is not just the questions the coach asks, most importantly it’s the process and the mind shift that your client goes through to formulate their answers.

You can also ask these coaching questions on yourself to achieve your own goals.

1. Get the Client to Positively State their Goals.  

Coaching moves the client from their problems to their solutions and from the reasons to the results.
When they tell you their problems ask them the following;

So what would you rather have?
What do you want instead?

2. Get them Specific about their Goal.

The client needs to get specific, this focuses the mind onto the goal.

What exactly do you mean by that?
Can you be more precise?
When do you want to achieve it by?
How are you going to achieve your goal?

3. Measure progress.

Measuring progress is part of the coaching progress it makes sure that your client is on the right track and is still making progress.
Get the client to compare their progress to benchmarks or other external factors.
Get the client to compared their progress to their own self-improvement targets.

How will you measure your progress?
When will you measure it?
How often will you check you’re on the right track?

4. Resource Planning.

This is essential to set up your client to win, coaching makes your client think about the tools and resources they need to make what they want achievable.

What do you need to know?
What help can you get?
What books should you read?
Can people help you?
Have you the time to do this?
Can you make it part of your lifestyle?
What Habits or personal qualities do you need to develop to achieve this?
Do you know anyone who has done this before, can you copy what they have done?

5. Be Proactive.

This focuses the client on the first step and enables them to take control over their environment, coaching must make your client take responsibility over their circumstances.

When are you going to take action?
How far is this goal under your control?
What are you going to do now?

6. Consequences.

To make sure your client is aware of what success will bring or what it won’t bring they need to be asked the following questions, this makes sure that the client is in tune with their environment.

What will happen if you do this?
How much will it cost?
What about those around you?
Is there anything you need to leave behind to do this?
Will you have any regrets?

7. Get your client to make a plan.

I can’t stress how important a plan is, ‘you may have a clear vision of your destination but you also need a map to get there’. Part of the coaching process helps you or your client work out the steps needed to achieve their goals.

What’s the first step?
What’s the next step…and then…and then?
What about daily steps?
How would you make the steps automatic and part of your life?
How do you know when you have reached your goal?

In Summary

Please feel free to look at use, share or print out this list of essential coaching questions, they are useful for business, mentoring, coaching and also in therapeutic counselling. The list is by no means as comprehensive as it could be so let me know if you can add to it, all comments welcome.