Choosing a better outcome is something that we are capable of doing in many different aspect of our lives, this article will give you 5 steps in doing just that, additionally it also discuss what you need to do to make an effective choice.

The problem in a nutshell is that the future outcome of many of life’s challenges are something that some of us can’t fail to worry about, unfortunately we tend to focus on the worst possible outcome, the trick to choosing a better outcome is to first understand 2 simple rules;

‘The actual outcome in most cases is usually never as bad as our fear of it’.

‘The worst possible outcome is almost never the most probable outcome’.

The most probable outcome is what is most likely going to happen, and if we choose to work towards this outcome this tends to be what happens despite our fear of something else happening. So when choosing a better outcome it may be that the law of averages is on your side especially if what you want is also what is most likely to happen.

Things go wrong when it is because our perception of what could happen is substantially different to what is likely to happen.

When there is this imbalance between our perception of what could happen and what is actually most likely to happen in any situation, we are commonly effected by emotion, typically this emotion is fear (of a bad outcome) and the stress and anxiety that fear produces causes us to become less focused on taking action and what we need to do ‘now’ to succeed and get a better future.

“Realise deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the now the primary focus of your life.”  Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now.

When we fail to take action because we are focusing on the worse possible outcome we are making the worst possible outcome all the more likely to happen. It is fundamental when choosing a better outcome to make a mental shift in your mind to do this and choose an outcome to think about that is different from the worst possible outcome.

5 Steps to choosing a better outcome in your life.

1. Do what you need to do now.
Don’t just read about it ‘Choosing a better outcome’ means you actually need to do it, ask yourself what this outcome is and what the next step is to make this happen.

2. Use the carrot and the stick.
Make the conscious choice of choosing a better outcome and use this as something you can motivate yourself towards.
When you think of ‘the worst possible outcome’ use this as a stick to drive your self forward into taking action into doing what you need to do to make your chosen outcome happen.

3. Be stoical.
Life is full of dips, trips and unexpected turns, shrug these off, learn from them and move on, don’t let setbacks stop you from choosing a better outcome for yourself.

4. Make things perfect.
Choosing a better outcome in not about waiting until everything is perfect, instead it is about make things perfect by making a clear choice and working towards your chosen outcome.

5. Don’t wait to start living.
Start living now, remember the grass is always greener where you water it, so take action now towards choosing a better outcome for yourself to get the life you want rather than focusing on one you don’t want.

Summary. -choosing a better outcome.
The worst possible outcome almost never happens, when something bad happens it may not be as bad as what you think it will be.
The most likely outcome is generally what usually happens yet even with this outcome you need to take action to work towards it.
Memories of bad events in the past and fears of what could happen in the future should never effect how you apply yourself ‘now’ to get what you want.
Choosing a better outcome is an important step in getting the life you want rather than the one you don’t want, choosing a better outcome is an essential component of success.

Choosing a better outcome was written by Dr Jeff Stoker July 2013.