They Syndrome

The Syndrome I can say with almost one hundred percent confidence is not in any medical, psychology, or psychiatric textbook. Yet when I explain what it is, you’re going to start to notice it, and you’ll be shocked at how common it is.

They Syndrome is a prevalent condition, I listen every day to real people with real problems, and I can typically notice the signs of it daily in the people I talk to.

They Syndrome is a condition caused by individuals who lack responsibility and pro-activity in their life. It’s also a pretty easy syndrome to diagnose because all you need to do is to listen to someone talk who has it or to self-diagnose yourself, just listen to your own self-talk for a few of these phrases;

‘They didn’t help’, ‘they didn’t tell me, ‘they don’t listen to me’, ‘they never gave me …’, or even ‘they didn’t tell me this would happen’.

Sometimes I even ask a person particularly afflicted who are ‘They’ and if they really believe that there are people out there whose only mission is to misdirect and trip them up, confuse them, bring them down, and whose only mission is to scupper their life.

They Syndrome is a condition characterised by blaming others and not taking personal responsibility in your own life,and if you suffer from They Syndrome, it’s about time that you realise that ‘They’ do not really exist, and that ‘They’ aren’t real, in fact, ‘They’ are a figment of your imagination because ‘They’ are the ones you are blaming because you don’t want to take responsibility.

So when they didn’t help you, when they didn’t give you enough, or when the drugs they gave you didn’t work, if they never told you this would happen, and if you think they are to blame not you, perhaps it’s time that ‘you’ take more responsibility and that ‘you’ start being more proactive in your life instead.

They do not really exist, they are not really out there, the truth is it’s only you that can take the responsibility to make the difference that matters and that responsibility lies solely on your shoulders and with no one else.

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