Understanding the Knowing and Doing Paradox

Here’s that age-old problem, sometimes knowing about something is not enough, because we also have to do something and take action in our lives as well, this is what I call the knowing and doing paradox.

When it comes to this course, you can’t just read it you have to do it too, you can’t just know what you have to do you have to put that knowledge into practice. Then if you want to make real long term changes you also need to keep applying those changes with force of effort and repetition until you make those changes stick.

Everyone could benefit from some improvement in how they think, yet any behaviour change will also take the necessary effort on your part too.

There will be times when change happens as soon as we first become aware of a problem, however, more often than not we also need to build the desire to really want to change too if we’re going to put that effort in, by employing these new strategies and behaviours every day or you’ll soon be slipping back into your old ways of thinking.

The problem is, we may know what to do but few of us are really willing to make the effort needed to change, to help you follow through our courses can help you to cross that threshold from knowing into doing and build that motivation needed for change.

Within our courses are exercises that’ll help you to create the mindset and attitude that’ll make you ready to make the changes you really need to make, and take the challenges you need to take.

Often I hear people say; I’ve done counselling before, I’ve done CBT before, or; I’ve tried X or Y, and it doesn’t work. I’d say it’s not the knowing it’s also the doing and it’s also the keep doing to and that is the only real guarantee that something is going to work whatever the methodology.

Too many people don’t change even when they know how to, some don’t put the effort in, and more often than not we don’t maintain those changes long enough to make any real difference to our lives.

Our courses are structured in a way that’ll take you on a journey through this change process using real-life examples from real people who have got stuck at that point in their journey too. It will pick you up where you are stuck; it will help you to improve your thinking, and hopefully, it’ll help you replace some of your bad mental habits and poor thinking patterns that have sunk you in the past.

Sometimes just reading something is enough for you to begin to change, but it’s only the combination of knowing and doing that’ll give you the key to real change in your life.

Conversely doing something whilst also not really knowing what you are doing can also give you disastrous results.

The knowing and doing paradox is both knowing and doing.

For some people all they need is to find out a few of the pieces that are missing; for others, it takes a bit more work and effort. I’ll let you into a secret, little changes make big differences; a tiny change in direction can have a huge effect on your final destination, especially if you give it enough time and you keep going for long enough too.

I want you to use our courses to help you to look a little deeper at what’s underneath the surface and to find the bits and pieces that you may not even know were missing. But remember this there’s no point just knowing what to do, you have to do something about it too and this is what makes the knowing and doing paradox one of the most important concepts to understand if you want real change.

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