The Map is Not the Territory

Our courses are guides for you to take with you on your journey, we've seen where people get stuck, and we know where we can help.

‘The map is not the territory’ originates from the work of Alfred Korzybski early last century, imagine if you can that you have a map in front of you, that map is just a guide to the real lay of the land, a map is something small enough to fold up and carry around with you, and when need it you can get it out unfold it and get some direction when you are lost.

That map, however detailed is still only a guide; it is not a full-scale 3D replica of your reality, it doesn’t show every stone, every blade of grass, and you don’t always get a full picture of where you are now. A map certainly doesn’t give you the wind in your face, or the feeling of the ground under your feet.

Another example of this analogy is that of the ‘menu is not the meal’, you don’t eat the menu you eat the meal, the menu is just there to give a description of the food you can order, it just helps you to make a better choice to get the meal you want. However, the meal, the taste of the food, the whole experience of what you are eating and how you perceive the food you are chewing is your reality, and no menu however detailed will ever be able to capture that experience.

Our courses are made up of things I’ve seen people do and mistakes I’ve seen real people make, the advice within the course is about the things they have done, or more often could have done to help themselves.

I can help you map out a journey, but the journey is yours, a map is just a map, a menu is just a menu, and a guide is just a guide.

Our courses give you some information that can help you find your way, especially when you are stuck, lost, or just need to find some way out of the problem you are facing. I will never live a day of your life, I don’t know how what you’ve been through, and as the phrase goes; I’ve never walked a mile in your shoes. I’ve just written this course as a guide by highlighting the places other people have problems too so that hopefully you don’t make the same mistakes, and your journey is a little easier.

You’re the only one to live your life, but you’re not the only one who has got stuck, there’s a pattern in how you think that can cause failure again and again or that can take you towards success.

When you’ve seen enough people with enough problems you see the patterns, there are some people who have enough mental hang-ups to totally put their lives on hold and cause real mental and physical pain. Our courses are guides for you to take with you on your journey, we know where some of the dangers are, we’ve seen where people get stuck, and we know where we can help.

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