An Introduction to our Courses

9 Lessons Easy

About this course

This free introductory course will tell you about who we are, what we do, and how we can help you to change the way you think and start solving some of the problems in your life.

Our methodology is simple, we use the best coaching and counselling techniques available along with real-life examples of how people can unstick their thinking to improve their lives.

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Free Introductory Course.

Course Structure

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A basic introduction to our courses.

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The Problem with Problems

Who I am, what I do, and the patterns behind our problems.

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Hours and Hours of Problems

An idea of the research and the scope of the work done to create the research behind our courses.

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Hidden Problems and Hidden Secrets

An introduction into our methodology, cognitive biases and success heuristics.

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The First Steps

Sometimes the first step is to realise that a problem exists.

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How you Think

A quick look at the different ways you think.

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The Knowing and Doing Paradox

When just knowing about something just isn't enough.

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A Course a Map and a Guide

How you should look at our courses.

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Zero Risk Bias

A little discussion about how something called zero risk bias can affect your life.