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Our courses are the result of well over 10 years of research gained from over 50,000 hours of talking to real people with real problems.

This free introductory course will give you a short introduction to Juvenate, who we are, what we do, and the technology and concepts that we use to make our courses different to all of the other courses out there.

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Introduction 6 Lessons

Introduction to Juvenate

This lesson gives you a brief introduction to who we are, and what makes our approach to self-improvement so different.

Problems and Getting Stuck

The problem with problems is that sometimes they can get you stuck, and if you get stuck in your problems you can also get stuck in life. 

This short lesson explains why a problem-based approach can really help you to get your life unstuck, and make better decisions.

How You Think

This article helps you to understand a bit more about the way you think and why our targeted approach will help you to think yourself better.

Cognitive Bias and Success Heuristics

This lesson gives you an introduction to the importance of thinking better, I'm also going to introduce you to the concept of cognitive biases and success heuristics, how you can use our approach to learn how to think better, and the importance of better thinking for real change in your life.

Poor Thinking is Dangerous

Sometimes to fix a problem you need to see it first, the problem is that sometimes we just don't see the mental hangups that have got us stuck.

A Summary of our Approach

This gives you a brief introduction to different types of self-improvement techniques, and methods we use throughout our courses.