Free Introductory Course

Our courses are the result of well over 10 years of research gained from over 30,000 hours of talking with real patients with real problems.

I’ve spent the last 18 months getting our courses structured, I’ve collated over 500 notes, blogs, and research articles into some common themes. I’ve done all of this in the hope that when you start the course it will take you on a journey of discovery, it will show you the common ways that your thinking lets you down and also some of the reasons why you could be getting stuck in some of your problems.

What the course will do is give you additional mental resources that’ll really help you in everyday life explained in simple conversational language and not in over technical psychobabble.

I wanted to create something readable for anyone who wants to understand a little bit more about themselves, why they may be stuck in life, frustrated or failing, in addition to how and what they can do to succeed.

This introductory course gives you a short introduction to Juvenate, who we are, what we do, and what makes our courses a bit different to all of the others out there.

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The Foundation Course

The Foundation Course should be the first course you sign up for and complete, it's been designed to give you as the name implies a firm foundation to build on making you ready for change.

Firstly we'll give you an understanding of the methods we use and we'll introduce you to the world of cognitive biases and success heuristics.

Then we'll move on to help you fill in the gaps by making you more aware of yourself, the things within you that could be holding you back, and also things around you and the problems with society itself that may have stopped you from succeeding in the past.

We will help you to think with more clarity about the reality of your current situation, a common problem people often make is that they try to solve a problem or attain a goal without considering where they're starting from.

Then last part of the foundation course introduces you to some of the cognitive biases that make a person reluctant to change.

To get the most from each lesson we've included a worksheet, it's going to help you to reflect, bring an element of coaching into the course to help you find some of the answers you need.

Although the lessons are short the trend is that they highlight a problem in a person's thinking common to many, or a different way of thinking that can be utilised to find better solutions.

We hope you enjoy the course and take the time that you need to take to get the most from it.

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