This article discussed the effect of Pessimism Bias on your thinking and also on the decision you make in your life.

Pessimism Bias

This article is about a psychological condition called Imposter Syndrome, that causes self-doubt and an inability to internalise success.

Imposter Syndrome

The Reverse Halo Effect is the opposite of the halo effect, and it’s the real subject of this lesson and maybe the reason you might find it challenging to accept good advice when it’s given.

The Reverse Halo Effect

The Syndrome I can say with almost one hundred percent confidence is not in any medical, psychology, or psychiatric textbook. Yet when I explain what it is, you’re going to start to notice it, and you’ll be shocked at how common it is. They Syndrome is a prevalent condition, I listen every day to real

They Syndrome

This article talks about the Paradox of having Boundaries in your life.

The Boundaries Paradox

A Cognitive Bias can influence your thinking leading to errors in judgement, whilst Success Heuristics are positive mental shortcuts that can lead to success.

Cognitive Bias and Success Heuristics

Congruence Bias could be the reason why you can’t make those changes in your life and you keep making the same old mistakes again and again.

Congruence Bias

Maybe you want a little more out of your life, yet sometimes the problem is that you fall into the average trap, and get Stuck at Being Average.

Stuck at Being Average

Sometimes the harder you try the harder it gets, this article discusses the importance of The Backwards Law and The Law of Reversed Effort.

The Backwards Law and the Law of Reversed Effort.

Our minds are programmed to react and to avoid doubt, this is a mental trait called the doubt avoidance bias, yet it can also lead us to make mistakes too.

Doubt Avoidance Bias

It’s not my fault has been taken from a series of articles about the excuses that we tell ourselves in life.

It’s not my fault

Discounting is a cognitive effect that means we often make our decisions without fully realising the value of those choices.

Are you Discounting your Life?