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Foundation Course

Our Foundation Course has been designed as it’s name suggests to give you a firm foundation to build upon, to make you ready for changes you need to make in your life and to make you ready for our future courses.

First we’ll give you a recap of the methods and the technology we use, with the aim of helping you get more clarity about your current situation and what could be holding you back.

We’ll also cover the common mental ‘hang-ups’ that make a person reluctant to change, and we’ll work you through the commonest problems that stop people from making the changes they need to make.

The lessons are written to take you in small steps towards a new you, all of the lessons highlight common problems seen in real people .

We hope you enjoy the course and take the time that you need to take to get the most from it, it’s not a crash course, its a course  Some of the questions will require you to go away and spend some time Thinking, reflecting and answering them. Finding these answers will get you to think outside of what ever is holding you back, and it will help you to gain more clarity in your thinking and in your life.

So join with us and take that first step, use the Foundation Course to prepare you to make the changes you need to make in your life.