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Cant into Can do

Dr Jeff Stoker

I wrote this article to introduce you to the different ways you can help a person to change their mindset when they feel they can’t do something.

You could already be a coach, a therapist, or a mentor. You could be a teacher, a manager or a parent. Whatever your role, you can use some of these techniques to help the people around you when their confidence ebbs.

Just by learning the ways you can dispute an ‘I can’t’ statement you can turn a lack of belief into self-belief, and a can’t do into a ‘can do’ mindset instead.

So I’m going to give you a range of structured responses to choose from that you can learn to use when someone tells you they can’t do something. These responses come from the methods used by Coaches, NLP practitioners, and CBT therapists and approaches they use when their client uses a phrase like an I can’t statement.

The best way to learn these approaches is first to download the paper below and practice each example in turn. Then every time you hear an ‘I can’t’ statement, (even one of your own) it will automatically trigger a much better response and a series of different approaches that you can use to help that person change.

With only a little practice, it won’t be long until you’re using them naturally, and you are having a real positive effect on those around you.

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Can't into Can Do workbook here

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About the author

Dr Jeff Stoker

Clinician, writer, educator, speaker, and problem expert. Helping people to think better, to solve problems, and get their lives unstuck.

Winner of the Coaching and NLP in Healthcare Award at the 2018 ANLP International Conference.

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