Life Changing Courses

Learn how to think better, avoid the mental pitfalls that hold people back, and discover how to be the best you can be.


We have used the tens of thousands of hours spent talking to real people with real problems to build our comprehensive series of life-changing courses. 

Each lesson in each course builds on the last, to help you make the changes you need to make to create the life you want.

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Personal Coaching Preparation Material

This is where you can access your preparation material before you link up with one of our coaches before your one-2-one sessions.

The course is currently closed to the public and access is currently only granted to our private clients.

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The Foundation Course

The Foundation Course has been designed to give you the solutions to the most common mental hangups that could be holding you back and stopping you from changing your life.

The course has over 50 lessons and additional focused coaching exercises, which will help you to see different ways of thinking so that you can overcome some of the issues that may have got you stuck or could be causing you to make poor life decisions.

Award Winning Coaches

Our Chief Coach Dr Jeff Stoker was winner of the NLP in Healthcare Award at the ANLP International Conference in 2018.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Each Course takes you step by step through the essential changes you need to make at a pace that suits you.

Real Life Impact

We are experts at why people get stuck in their lives. Our courses will help you change how you think so that you can then change your life.