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Our Coaches are award winning experts at what they do, 

we have decades of experience helping people be the best they can be.

Take that first step to a new you.


“Our courses will show you how to think better and avoid the mental pitfalls that commonly cause people to get stuck in their lives.  

Each lesson builds on the last, to help you make the changes you need to make, we want you to discover how to create the life you really want”. 

Dr Jeff Stoker
Founder and Director of Juvenate Limited

 The Juvenate team are award winning coaches, clinicians, and psychiatrists who have have gained their experience by helping real people with their real life problems. 

Quite simply we are experts at why people get stuck in their lives, and how they can change how they think in order to finally let go of what’s been holding them back.

For decades we’ve been listening to people with problems, and we’ve seen how just small changes in how a person thinks can have a huge affect on the rest of their life.

We’ve figured out the mental hang-ups that commonly hold people back and we’ve written some amazing courses with all of the knowledges we’ve gained over the years. 

Gain from our experience

This website started as a way for us to share what we have learned, and a way for us to get our message out, with the purpose of helping others.

We’ve spent tens of thousands of hours face to face with real people who have real problems and we’ve used what we have learned to help us put together the most some of the most comprehensive courses available. 

Our Coaching team consists of GMC registered Doctors, clinicians, award winning coaches, a psychiatrist and a research physician, our mission statement at Juvenate.org is to reach out and help as many people as we can.   

Jeff Stoker Director of Juvenate
Award Winning Experts

Our Chief Coach Dr Jeff Stoker was winner of the NLP in Healthcare Award at the ANLP International Conference in 2018.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Each Course will take you step by step through the essential changes you need to make at a pace that suits you.

Real Life Impact

We are experts at why people get stuck in their lives. Our courses will help you change how you think so you can then change your life.

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