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Submitting an article for publication.


With thousands of readers per month, and thousands of subscribers and followers on social media platforms we can help you get your message out with the sole purpose of helping others on their journey too.

Over the years, the Juvenate site has grown past all expectations, our aim has always been to use the site to help as many people as we can, by submitting an article now you can do the same.

Anyone can submit an article, it just has to be original and not previously published on the internet, we would also want you to write something about who you are too, a quick bio is all that is needed so that you can get all the credit for your work.

Juvenate is a space for real people with an authentic message, so you don’t need to be a professional writer or an experienced blogger, all you have to do is write something you are passionate about that will help others.

Why Contribute to Juvenate?


Your post will receive exposure across Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ as well as being read by our subscribers and the thousands of visitors to the site every month.

  • You can include a short bio about you, and we will allow a link back to increase the inbound traffic to your own website.
  • Our subscribers often want to connect, meet up, comment and commend other authors and you can become part of our community.

Writing Guidelines.


Anything from a few hundred to a few thousand words is fine, perhaps you can share a story that gives a message or advice to others.

We have found it’s always best to use a catchy title, a comment, or a phrase that will rank high with search engines.

As for the subject of your article that’s up to you, all it needs to be is some kind of practical advice or a life hack that has helped you and that will also help others succeed in their life or their business through self improvement or personal change.

I would also ask that you to keep any self promotion out of the article, you can leave that to your bio, where I’m happy for you to promote yourself if you want to.

Send your article to us in Microsoft Word, pdf or Pages format, keeping your paragraphs to approximately three sentences and also include a short bio of fifty words or less in a separate paragraph at the bottom of the post.

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