What is holding you back?

I was driving the car to work this morning and something wasn’t right, I had my foot down on the accelerator, the engine was revving away like crazy, but I wasn’t really getting anywhere.

I’m sure you’d agree we can all have that feeling when we just can’t seem to get moving, when life feels frustratingly slower than usual, and when others around you are progressing whilst you still seem to be stuck on the blocks.

The purpose of this article is just to highlight a very important lesson, we may have focus, we may have direction, we may have motivation and drive, unfortunately there are times when this is not enough because we also need to address what is holding us back.

Years of practice has shown me time and time again that there are times when what someone really needs is to let go, and to get release from the past before they can really make the changes they need to make to move on towards a more compelling future.

Another way of looking at this problem is to use the monkey bar analogy, because to get across a set of monkey bars you need to reach forward grab another bar and let go of the one behind you. You can then apply these metaphorical monkey bars to life in general as hanging on to much to the past may means you can never get to where you need to get too.

People have a hard time letting go of their suffering, out of fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar. – Thich Nhat Hanh

For me all I had to do this morning was to take the handbrake off, and then the car started moving forward again.

You’re probably saying that it’s not always that easy, you’re right life does get complicated yet it’s always worth thinking about what’s stopping you and what is holding you back and to put it bluntly; let that shit go.