Too Busy Being Busy.

Sometimes we are just too busy being busy, because being busy is addictive, it’s a habit, we fuel it with caffeine, anxiety and stress, we get used to being busy, and for some of us even when the pace of life slacks off we find something else to keep us busy.

Ask yourself does your life sometimes feel like a whirling flywheel that just keeps spinning, does your engine feel like it’s over revving, are you finding it difficult to stop, to slow down and take your foot off the gas and are you too busy being busy?

The habit of being too busy doesn’t stop until the whirling flywheel breaks, in real life this means breakup and breakdowns, and when your nose is too close to the grindstone it’s not long before you get worn down and worn out.

Sometimes busy gets more important than the work itself and real productivity is not about being busy its about doing what needs to be done, if you are running around in circles it doesn’t matter how fast you run you are still going around in circles.

Beware the barrenness of a busy life, of blindly striving for busy nothings.

Growth only happens in the gaps, it happens when we stop, it happens when we slow down, it doesn’t happen when we are not too busy being busy.

Is now the time to get some gaps back in your life, to start moving towards your goals, to take a step back, and to do what’s really important, because there’s one thing I do know about being too busy being busy is that one day the wheels will just drop off so perhaps get busy living instead.