Things Successful People Never Say.

There are some things successful people never say, the things they never say are mostly excuses, and these are the excuses that some people make that in turn may prevent them from being successful, these excuses are a general reflection of an underlying attitude, as an employer, as a life coach and as a clinician I hear excuses like these at work, in conversation or in consultation, in this article I discuss 7 of the most popular excuses you will ever make or ever hear in others.
People who succeed in life, and those with a different attitude, an attitude of achievement tend never to say these excuses, because successful people seldom make excuses.

1. I don’t have time.
This excuse is a classic, because we all have the same amount of time it’s just some of us chose to prioritise, have discipline and direction to use the 168 hours in a week more effectively.
Success is about prioritising and making time, it’s about investing to be successful, investing time in getting the things done that need to be done and investing time in yourself.
You need to make the choice to find the time you need, perhaps you can also learn how to say no to the things that aren’t important, because in the words of William Penn “time is what we want most, but what we use worst”.

2. I don’t know.
After you left school you became 100% responsible for improving yourself, in this information age ‘I don’t know’ is no longer a valid excuse, instead say “I can learn” because you can always learn, make a plan, get a mentor, look on YouTube or just type it into Google.
When I hear the classic ‘How should I know”, it can be turned into “yes you’re right you should know, can you think of how you can find out”?.

3. It’s not my fault.
Remember your life is 100% your responsibility, and if you fail to admit this you will never grow, by taking responsibility you are being proactive to lead your own life, you are taking responsibility and moving away from blaming others.
So make sure it is your fault, make the decisions, and get in the driving seat and if that’s not enough, don’t find fault instead be responsible to find a solution.

4. It’s Impossible.
“It always seems impossible until it’s done” said the late Nelson Mandela, perhaps because he had the mindset to question impossibility, knowing that time and persistence can solve most things in life.
When you hear myself saying ‘it’s impossible’ try asking yourself “if it was possible what would be the next step?”, in a group session a “what are we missing here” tends to focus minds on solutions, only by stretching what’s possible can you achieve what was once the impossible, because you never get anywhere in life unless you achieve what you thought was impossible at least once.

5. I’ll do that later.
There is no later there is only now, is there really a future ‘super self’ that will do all of those things, can you really rely on yourself to do it then? and why will tomorrow be any better than today to do those things you need to do now?
I’ll do that later is the biggest excuse there is, not only does it send what needs to be done into the future it future paces your responsibility too, softening how you feel now when you should really feel bad for procrastinating.
Taking opportunity is about doing things now, as now is the only time that you can take action, the only time to plant the seed for a harvest in the future.

6. I just don’t want to fail.
This is what average people say, those who are unprepared to try, and those that want an excuse not to try, because they also know that if you don’t try anything you can’t fail. So either accept what you’ve got and stop whining or think like successful people do who believe that failure is only an event, that it doesn’t mean they are a failure and that they are only a failure if you give up trying, instead the trick is to try, fail, learn and repeat until it works.
In the words of Winston Churchill “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”
We are all failure’s at least the best of us are, those that are willing to try.

7. I’m too tired.
I’m too tired can be used as an excuse for anything and everything, it’s an excuse used by some to help them avoid the effort of dragging themselves forward towards something better, if you value yourself, choose what you want to do get focused and get a purpose back in your life, value your health, and look after yourself, rest, sleep, eat well, and take time to care for your body and mind.
Find a way to drop the stress, get rid of the old baggage and learn how to switch off, and then wake up and get ready to focus your effort towards the changes you need to make now because you can do anything in life but not everything.

These are seven of the most popular excuses you will hear, they are seldom used by successful people, perhaps one or more of them are the reason that may stopped you in the past, these excuses like other similar ones they can make you feel better in the short term but if you keep using them they will accept your success in the long term.

Perhaps to be success at something first you need to stop being good at making excuses and never saying these 7 is a good place to start.

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