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They Syndrome.

Some people suffer from ‘They Syndrome’, it’s a common condition caused simply by a lack of responsibility and pro-activity in one’s life, the best thing is is that it’s really easy to diagnose because all you need to do is to listen to someone else who has it, or to self diagnose the condition in yourself you only need to listen to your own self talk, and if you hear some of the following phrases you may also be a sufferer of They Syndrome;

‘They didn’t help… they don’t listen to me… they never given me enough… they never give me any work… or they didn’t tell me this would happen…’

So ask yourself who are they? are there really people out there and is their only purpose to trip you up, to bring you down and to scupper your life? or do ‘they’ not really exist and are ‘they’ just a figment of your imagination, and more importantly have you also just got a bad case of ‘They Syndrome’.

They Syndrome is a condition characterised by blaming others and not taking personal responsibility in your own life.

So when they didn’t help you, when they didn’t give you enough, or when the drugs they gave you didn’t work, it they never told you this would happen and if you think they are to blame, perhaps you are suffering from They Syndrome, and maybe now it’s time that ‘you’ take more responsibility and that ‘you’ start being more proactive in your life.  Click Here To Subscribe Small 2