There is no growth without change, this story illustrates this fact and also the fact that change however painful takes perseverance, time and effort firstly to leave your comfort zone and then to grow as an individual.

For personal growth and to move forward in life means you cannot continue to keep doing what you have done up until now, you have to do something different to grow and that means you need to change.

A Colleague once told me that he had an old pair of running shoes, they were comfortable, they felt great to wear and when he had them on it felt like he wasn’t wearing them, he’d ran multiple half marathons in them including at least one full marathon. The trouble was the shoes were falling apart, and before that last marathon he even had to go to the first aid tent and ask for some tape to repair them before he even started the race.

He needed to change the shoes, he just felt too comfortable in his old pair, he would rather face cobbling together his old pair one last time before he went for something new.

Why I’m telling this story is to illustrate that change is difficult, and change means doing something different and getting out of your comfort zone.

Change can be painful, for a while change it doesn’t feel right, and in business it can take quite a bit more effort to change rather than just continuing to do what you are used to.

In Summary.

I’m a firm believer that there is no growth without change, because there will be a time when what you are doing isn’t fit for purpose and change needs to happen.