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The Trap of Entitlement.


“He’s finished school” his mum said, “he needs a sick note so he can get his benefits” she informed me.

I grew up thinking that If I put in the graft in life I got the rewards, and although this ethos of meritocracy doesn’t always fit with what happens in the real world it is poles apart to the ‘trap of entitlement’ that has affected a fair proportion of today’s society.

“Life is not designed to give us what we need; life is designed to give us what we deserve.” – Jim Rohn.

The trap of entitlement is when people feel they are entitled to have more, where there is a lack of gratitude for what they currently have, and when there is a total lack of willingness to take the responsibility to make their lives better through hard work and personal effort.

This sense of entitlement can effect people to the extent that they feel that because they have nothing they are entitled to have more, in addition to effecting society so that generations never need to do without but never actually have.

Never really having to work, never really having to try, never really putting the effort in is not good for your character, never having to fail or to fall and never having to get back up on your own two feet leads to this ‘trap of entitlement’.

“You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should be doing for themselves” – Abraham Lincoln.

The trap of entitlement is not really a problem with the rich, the top 1% of Britain’s highest earners pay more than a quarter (27.3%) of the country’s entire income tax bill, and most of these earnings are gained through the labours of years of hard work, study, effort, and the repeated daily toil of doing nothing less than everything to succeed, a far contrast to those doing little more than nothing that expect everything.

Entitlement makes people feel that they are born with a claim to the wealth and property of others, today there are kids growing up with the unrealistic expectation that they can escape the discomfort of hard work and that everything in their life should be freely given, yet sooner or later not taking responsibility in life will create a void that expectation alone cannot fill, this inevitably leads to a seat at the victim’s table or the day when there’s a cold realisation that there’s not a magic pill to fix everything and that the trap of entitlement is in fact an early grave that you have dug for yourself.

I spend my life trying to help other people, yet I believe that there’s a limit to how much help others should expect and also the type of help that people should be given, there are also things that I cannot give as well as the things that can only be got by the effort a person alone can put in, and it is only by doing these things can a person break free from the trap of entitlement that plagues today’s society.

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