The 8th Habit from Effectiveness to Greatness is the follow up book to ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ written by the Stephen Covey.

The 8th Habit is primarily concerned with taking you from being ‘Effective’ which seven habits installs in you to being ‘Great’ which is what the 8th Habit is all about.

The 8th Habit is all about you developing your leadership potential by finding what Covey calls your voice and then in turn  helping others find theirs.

Your Voice is a combination of 4 things ;

The need in your organisation or for your product, your own talent that can be nurtured and applied to address the need, the passion you have to take this opportunity and your own conscience that allows you to take action.

Covey released the 8th Habit 15 years after the 7 Habits, it focuses on leadership, not effectiveness, it assumes that you have already applied the 7 habits and need to find something more, a purpose an alignment of mind body and spirit and that you are ready to become a leader and find your voice.

This is a superb book for those ready to become a leader and this book helps you transcend to higher levels, for those of you that understand ‘Spiral Dynamics‘ and the work of Clare W. Graves you will understand this concept.

In Summary I would recommend the 8th Habit  to anyone that wants to develop their ‘Voice’ and their leadership potential. It is a great book to read on your journey on how you can go beyond just being highly effective, to develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your potential and develop a true purpose.