Alternatives to TED.

Here are a dozen alternative sites similar in information or ethos to TED Talks.
Like TED, these sites have some good video content.
Perhaps not all as inspirational as TED but definitely worth a look.

An Exercise in Practical Stoicism and Negative Visualisation

This article uses the advice of Seneca along with modern CBT techniques to create a three step exercise that you can do everyday to create more resolve and resilience in your life, it is an exercise in ‘practical stoicism’ that uses negative visualisation techniques to get control over your fears and look towards solutions.

The Starfish Story

The Starfish Story is a short inspirational story that you should read and then take some time to consider it’s meaning,

For me its why I am editing this website.


Abundance is when we have everything we need and more,
this article discusses the concept of Abundance and questions the effect of excess on society.