External Validation

Is your happiness short lived? are you putting your feelings in the hand of others?
Perhaps you rely too much on external validation.

The Power of Vulnerability

This article discusses the Power of Vulnerability and how it can be a strength not a weakness in both your personal and in your professional life.

Allostatic Load

This article looks at the fight or flight response and the effect of this increased allostatic load on our body.

Living in the Now

Learning how to live in the now is one of the greatest skills you could ever practice, some people go to great extremes to get back to the now, whilst others get stuck in either their past or the future.

Life is too Short to Worry

This article looks at why and how we worry and the 7 most common cognitive distortions (problem thinking patterns) that cause us to worry too much, and perhaps starts to ask the question is life too short to worry.