Writing a Positioning Statement in 5 Easy Steps

A Positioning statement is an ideal way of giving you focus on exactly what you want your business to achieve, the process of writing it helps you to align your thoughts, more importantly it helps others to understand what the hell you are talking about too.

Saying No

This article discussed the concept of Saying No, which is probably the most important life, leadership and productivity lesson you will ever learn.

Inbox Zero

Have you ever been swamped by emails, do you spend forever trying to get to the bottom of your inbox.
This article gives you 3 easy steps to get control back over your emails
and introduces the concept and practice of Inbox Zero.

Productivity is not about being busy

Are you being productive or are you just being busy,
This article discusses the concept that ‘being busy does not mean you are being productive’.

The author also gives you 7 ways you can become more productive today.