Sofarisation is defined as ‘the ability to spend an increasing amount of ones life on the sofa, leading eventually to incapacity and other health related problems’.

In the World today we are able to conduct more elements of our lives without getting off our backsides and for this reason sofarisation is becoming endemic in Western society.

The origins of Sofariasation can be traced back over half a century, coincidentally to about the same time as the invention of the television set and in recent recent years the increased prevalence of sofarisation can be further attributed to, fast food, satellite and cable TV, and the emergence of the internet, and as we spend more time in the ‘virtual world’ sofarisation will continue to take a firmer and firmer grip on society.

With little effort we can now work from home, with cloud based technologies we can log into almost anything wherever we are, we can attend meetings over the internet, we can watch webcast presentations and perhaps learn whatever we need to know from the comfort of ones sofa. The internet means we can keep in touch with family and friends, we can ‘virtually’ meet new people and build relationships, we can tweet, email, message, skype, facetime and stay connected and all without leaving the the comfort of the sofa.

For those with some form of incapactity sofarisation has also enabled independence, loss of isolation and freedom, but paradoxically sofarisation through the sedentary lifestyle and the inactivity it causes can also lead to health related problems eventually causing incapacity.

Take a second to look at the wheel of life and consider how sofarisation has already effected each facet of your life.

We have all dreamed of reducing the 70 hours a week of hard graft to a four hour work week, but at what cost, where do we draw the line on sofarisation and what does replacing that time at the office by more time glued to the sofa really give you?

The problem with sofarisation is that whilst we sit on the sofa we reduce our activity levels, already 65% of us live in countries where being overweight and obesity is linked to more deaths than being underweight.

In the world today 2.8 million people die each year as a result of being overweight, that’s more than what are killed by starvation, in my country 6% of the population are diabetic, the cause of this in the majority can be linked to the increasing consumption of highly calorific foods combined with increasing levels of inactivity. Humans evolved to hunt, to collect food when and where we could, our bodies are designed to store food and to survive through times of famine, compare this life that we are genetically programmed for with life of modern man hunting around the internet for bargains, where the spear of the hunter gatherer has now been swapped for a mouse as he orders his weekly shopping online.

Summary ‘Sofarisation’.

To a degree sofarisation can be liberating because now more and more of what we do can be accomplished at home on the sofa, yet with sofarisation also comes a need for balance to be maintained by making other responsible changes elsewhere in your life.

More emphasis needs to be placed onto health and fitness, you need to work at increasing you activity levels and you should make an effort to adjust your diet accordingly especially in times of abundance.

Perhaps the key to taking the benefits from sofarisation are found when we make an effort to use the time that sofarisation has given back to us to improve some other area of our lives that needs a little more work.