In life we need goals, we need something to aim for and to strive for, when that goal is way off in the future or far away this is when we need to trust that we will be ‘shown the way’ when we come to make decisions along the way.

When you can’t see every step towards your goal and when some of these steps are intangible until you are just about to take them it’s no wonder that some people especially those that try and plan everything before they start never actually start anything.

A great way of thinking about this is the ‘Driving at night’ story.

I was driving back from work last week, I’d worked hard I was tired and it was getting late.
I knew where I was going, I could visualise the house the driveway and hopefully the warm reception I would get when I walked through the front door.

The light was failing and the day was drifting into night so I reached down and switched on the headlights, they lit up the road ahead but despite being on full beam they only lit the road for about 70 yards in front of the car, this was just enough for me to see other cars on the road, the signs I needed to see, and the dips, bends, and turns ahead of me that I would need to see and take before I got to my destination.

Despite me not seeing my final destination from where I was, all I needed was to know what I needed to know to make that next step, this is just like driving in the dark, your headlights show you enough information to take the right turn, to keep you out of trouble and take you nearer to your destination.

When goals are way off, you need to have faith that you will be shown the way along the way, it’s just like driving in the dark with the headlights on.