Self Denigration.

Self denigration is what you are do when you put yourself down, when you treat yourself as having little worth and when your self talk is persistantly overly negative and critical.

Some people get into the habit of self denigrating, and when they do their world becomes one of self criticism and self loathing, and by doing this persistently you can create internal stress and focus on all of the negative things around you.

What happens with self denigration is that your negative thoughts grow, you dwell in a negative world, physiologically your body perceives stress, your confidence flags, and your motivation disappears. Over time the ability to do anything practically to refute any criticism or to sort any problems causing this self denigrating self talk diminishes and your behaviour and your actions become aligned with the self denigrating talk itself. Then what you get is a self fulfilling prophecy of a life moving towards and steered by the most negative things and thoughts around you.

‘There’s no worse critic than oneself’.

To raise your self esteem you need to stop putting yourself down, you need to get out of the habit of self denigration, spending your time hating yourself and hating what you do is not a positive state of mind unless you want a life of negativity, pain and unfilled potential.

There’s nothing that puts you down quicker than your own negative thoughts, than your own ability to take away the wind from your sails, yet self denigration goes deeper than this.

Self denigration effects you at your core, it causes you to lose sight of your full potential, you lose harmony with the world around you, self esteem disappears, relationships with family and friends suffer and as you delve into the depths of self loathing and despair your ability to provide for yourself diminishes.

Self denigration is the opposite of Self actualisation.

Self denigration will cause you to slip down Maslow’s pyramid, taking you away from your full potential, away from having a life with meaning and away from any psychologically and spiritual wellbeing.

The first step like many things is to realise that you are getting into the habit of self denigration, that you are persistently putting yourself down and that your life is being affected by your own negativity, the second step is doing something about it.