Self Awareness.

Self awareness can be simply defined as an understanding of one’s own knowledge, attitudes and opinions, as well as ones limitations, faults, and weaknesses.
For these reasons self awareness is one of the key attributes to developing your leadership potential, as very few of us really know, who we are, what we want and what drives us.

In the Business world the term ‘Managerial Self Awareness’ or MSE is commonly applied.

Being self-aware is an essential first step in;

  • Managing yourself effectively.
  • Developing your leadership potential to manage others.

1. Why we should develop self awareness.

With insight we can play to our own strengths as well as learning where our weaknesses are.

We do this so that we can become better managers, but most importantly we do this to grow, improve and develop as an individual.

2. How we develop self awareness.

Quite simply ask someone’s advice, learn from how others approach things, and be a better listener.
Get a Mentor, a Coach or both.
Organise an appraisal.
Welcome critique, embrace the phrase ‘there’s no criticism only feedback’.
Use tools such as Myers Briggs and learn about yourself.
Read some books to open your mind and learn something new.
Get Professional help to get rid of bad traits and limiting beliefs.

3. What do I do with self awareness.

When we understand our own personalities, personal values, skills, strengths and weaknesses we can look for situations where we will thrive or take on projects that we know we can deliver.
Self awareness helps us understand what causes us undue stress so that we can either avoid, delegate or handle these situations more carefully.
Self awareness helps us to identify and strengthen our good habits and turn these into traits, and in turn we can identify bad habits that hold us back so that we can get rid of them.

Self awareness can help us identify and get rid of limiting beliefs.

In Summary.

Self awareness helps you know what we are good at, this lets you play to our strengths to set yourself up to win.
We can identify our limitations, our educational needs and we can do something about it.