The rubbish bin analogy is a great way to handle life events, especially those which may have caused a degree of confrontation.

Think of an event when someone has taken an issue with you, perhaps they were angry at the time and usually your reaction would be to take their objections personally and let these spoil your day or even longer.

Instead use the rubbish bin analogy, it’s a great way to re-frame the situation, get a better perspective and more importantly it will stop you taking things to heart.

Let’s face it you’re reading this article because you want to help yourself and improve some aspect of your life, alas some people don’t, in fact there are people that feel pretty awful inside to the extent that they are so full of the rubbish that they have collected in their lives that they try and off load this rubbish onto other people at every opportunity.

Would you pick up someones real rubbish that they had thrown into the street and would you carry it around all day with you? and in a nutshell is the rubbish bin analogy.

You don’t have to be a rubbish bin for other people’s rubbish.

Try it next time when someone offloads, remember it’s your choice and you don’t have to accept any of the stuff they are throwing in your direction, so stop being a rubbish bin for other peoples rubbish.