Raise the bar is an article about the concept of improving yourself, raising your expectations, getting out of your comfort zone and reaching for the moon. By putting in that extra bit of effort you will find the difference that makes the difference and that is the essence of success.

What we want out of life differs from individual to individual but generally speaking if all you do is aim for average, average is what you will get, if you raise the bar you are already aiming for more.
I suspect that if you are reading this you are not content with an average life, and to move on to something better you need to raise the bar, and this in a nutshell is the subject of this article.

Raise the bar.

The meaning of the phrase ‘raise the bar‘ can either be specific or general or both;

1. A specific improvement that you want to make in your life, a qualification, an achievement or a goal that you previously never thought possible.

2. A general attitude, and state of mind to do better, to grow as an individual, and to set higher standards essentially for yourself but also for those around you

Nobody ever gets what they want just by dreaming about it, and people who achieve generally do it by consistent hard work and sacrifice. They also achieve because they pro-actively take control of their life and raise the bar when they realise that if they want something better they are the only one that can do something about it.

“If you are not happy with your everyday humdrum lot in life, you will start to feel uncomfortable, there will be a grey, familiar feeling that something is missing, something empty inside you will gnaw away until the discomfort is too much and you will be driven to ‘raise the bar’ to take you away from the mediocre to something much better”.

Possibly the reason why you are reading this blog right now is that you have already made the transition from feeling uncomfortable to wanting to do something about it and be the best you can.

On the other hand It may be that you are already aiming high and just need another nudge to make you aim higher, and this means that you already must know that all you have to do to have an extraordinary life is to stop thinking in an ordinary way and allow yourself to raise the bar.

Zig Ziglar  is quoted to have said “Attitude not your aptitude that gives you altitude” so in order to fly you need to raise the bar aim higher with your goals and also with your general attitude .

So go from humdrum to dancing to the beat of your own drum, raise the bar and stop being ordinary, and remember if you reach for the moon and fall short you will still end up in the stars.