Everyone gets stuck from time to time, this article looks at the questions you could ask yourself when you get stuck in a problem, what these questions do is help you to access the resources you need to get yourself out of your problem state and focus on a solution.

When we get stuck in a problem we struggle to see the way out, we therefore need to change the way we think, we need to question our view of the situation and we need to look at other options, these are some of the questions commonly used by coaches, therapists and managers to help people who get stuck in a problem state.

What would happen if it wasn’t a problem?
What is the problem not?
What would happen if you did the opposite?
How do you know it’s a problem and how do you know that?
What would you need to know to know it wasn’t a problem?
What other options have you got?
What are you not thinking of?
Can you remember the last time you had a problem like this…..how did you solve it……can you do that now?

What are you afraid of?
What’s getting in the way?
What is most likely to happen?
What’s the simplest solution here?
What’s the next step?
What would happen if everything was alright?
What have you not thought of yet?
What’s the perfect solution?

What other options have you got?
What happens when you don’t do the problem?
What are you deciding when you don’t do the problem?
If we were to have a breakthrough what would that be?
Can you imagine a future without this problem?
How would another person solve this?
What would a child do?
Where were you when you decided this was a problem……what other options did you have then?

Typically we can do a number of things with clients who feel stuck, we need to change the way they see the problem, we need to help them question what’s holding them back, we need to help them imagine what a solution would be and then access the resources they need.

It only takes one question, asked at the right time to help someone to see the way out of a problem.