Being busy does not mean you are being productive, neither does being busy mean you will be successful.
So hopefully before you work yourself into an early grave you will realise that productivity is the key, and concentrating on being more productive and effective towards a definite goal is one of the most essential life lessons you will ever learn.

At times being busy can be bad for your health, it leads to overwhelm, it leads to stress, it leads to late nights, early starts, missed meals, and exhaustion. Being busy puts you at the front line, it puts you at the heart of the action but that in turn takes you away from being strategic, it makes you less effective, because a lot of what you are doing when you are busy just doesn’t make a difference all it does is makes you tired.

Being busy can be a form procrastination, ask yourself are you being ‘busy’ to avoid the important stuff, are you the busy person that makes the elaborate plans, produces the multicoloured handouts, whereas the productive person just gets it done.

Being busy means you are doing an activity, you can be doing anything, something, or even trying to do everything, and trying to do everything means you usually accomplish nothing.

“being busy is like peddling a bike after the chain has come off, you can peddling as hard as you can but you’re not going to get anywhere”.

Productivity means you have accomplished something, it’s the ‘do’ not the try, the productive person is the one who works smarter not harder, the one who values Pareto’s 80:20 rule, the productive person is the person who prioritises, and the one who does the most important things first.

Being productive means you are effective at getting things done, being productive means you are concentrating on the stuff that matters, the stuff that makes a difference and the stuff that needs to be done.

Being productive means that you are acting with purpose, and with focus, being productive means you are moving step by step towards a well thought through goal.

7 ways to be more productive.

1. Avoid Interruptions, they put you off your stride, you lose your train of thought, your creativity hits a brick wall, you lose your flow and if interruptions are inevitable group them together.

2. Avoid doing the easy menial things first, instead do what really need your attention, remember priority and productivity are partners in crime.

3. Avoid working without goals or purpose, because if you are not working towards something, the chances are you are running around in circles.

4. Avoid multitasking, do the one thing and do it well, get it started and get it done.

5. Avoid saying yes, instead try saying no, saying no streamlines your efforts, it avoids you doing the stuff you don’t need to do, saying no is the key to success.

6. Avoid decision paralysis, making any decision makes you tired, instead get good habits, do the right things habitually, do them with unconscious effort, and save your mental energy for the things that matter.

7. Avoid doing for the sake of doing, ask yourself why, look for a better solution, think outside the box, be creative, write down and capture your ideas at all times.

Being busy does not mean you are being productive, so stop being the one legged man in the arse kicking contest and get productive, do the things that will make a difference first.