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Positioning Statement.

Things were starting to come together, I had a good idea what I wanted to do with the business, but I just found it really hard explaining this to others, that was until I sat there with a marketing expert, he looked at me and said “ever heard of a positioning statement”?  

Positioning statements are an ideal way of giving you focus on exactly what you want your business to achieve, the process of writing it helps you to align both your own thoughts and those of your business partners to form a common clear goal, more importantly it helps you explain your concept to others.

A ‘Positioning Statement‘ is a succinct insight into your brand, your product, your core customers and what sets your business apart.

In short it should answer the fundamental questions of who, why, how and what exactly your business or product is, it is after all how you are ‘Positioning’ yourself, your business or your product in the marketplace.

To write a positioning statement spend a little answering the following questions; the answers can then be combined together and edited into a short flowing paragraph that tells potential clients or investors exactly who you are.

1. Who’s are you for? (Target audience)
State your target audience, client base or customers in your positioning statement.

2. Who are you? (Frame of reference)
State your company name, your brand, your product name or whoever you are.

3. What do you do? (Key Benefit)
State your core business, what your product does and what service you provide.

4. How are you better than the rest? (Point of differential)
Say what differentiates you from the rest, why are you the best, and what makes your product or service superior to others.

5. Why should I believe you? (Reason to believe)
In your positioning statement there needs to be a reason to believe and a reason to trust that you can deliver, this belief can be based on your skills, your experience or your brand.

In Summary 

When you are finished answering the 5 simple questions listed above your positioning statement should stand out to you and with a small amount of editing it should be ready to be used to promote your business.

The positioning statement should be believable and memorable, it should give someone an insight into your brand, your company ethos and it should motivate others to want to work with you, invest in you or buy your product.

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