Order and Chaos

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Balance, Personal Development

Life is but a fleeting time of biological order to the chaos that surrounds us in the universe, for the brief time we exist on this planet our body maintains a semblance of organisation to allow biological processes to happen, to allow us to exist, to think, to act and to live.

We also live our life balanced between order and chaos between these conflicting opposites, we are always a step away from a trip, a fall, or a chance event that can leave us devastated.

Too often we attempt to bring order to chaos, but think back in your life and you will find that chaos has given you opportunity, excitement, and all of the chances you have taken already taken.

Chaos is not only where things may have fallen apart but also where things have come together, where possibilities happen, where exploration and creativity takes place, and where we break from convention and start to innovate.

Chaos is the great unknown, it is the turmoil before clarity, and it is into chaos that we venture when we leave our comfort zone, whereas order is the social norm, the compartmentalised life of rules and regulations, and of endless tick boxes.

Order is the nuts and bolts of existence, the uniformity of the material world and of our home comforts, we retreat back into order to relax, it is harmony and establishment, order may well be humdrum but it is where we set ourselves, where we recover, it is structure, toil, succession and progression.

Yet the order of our lives can fall like a house of cards, there is always something beyond order that we cannot expect or conceptualise, I know through experience that a business plan is not a guarantee it is only just a starting point, that meritocracy doesn’t always apply throughout one’s career and that bad things happen to good people.

I believe we need to live between order and chaos, we need balance between the two, I see people create so much anxiety and stress in their lives as they try to maintain in control of everything around them, perhaps the only control we really have is to allow ourselves for a time to just let go.     

Change will take us away from the humdrum of order and into chaos, from the good into the great, to where everything can go wrong but also where there is everything we could ever want, in order lies the chances we haven’t taken in life, but to reach a goal paradoxically we must take a shot, chaos will always be there, in time it will take us, but it is only when we venture into chaos that the magic really happens.

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