Negative what if is a thought pattern that we play in our mind, when this thought patterns become a habit it start to hold us back, read on if you are still confused and lets have a few examples; have you ever said to yourself any of the following?

What if I fail?
What if she says no?
What if I don’t get the job?

Do these questions sound familiar to you, do you recognise the pattern here and does the little voice inside your head say this all too often, negative thinking is composed of 2 predominant thought patterns; the negative what if and the negative want.

Some people have a predominant thought pattern of  ‘negative what if’  this causes them to always think of a bad, or the worst possible outcome repeatedly to the extent that they fail to take opportunity.

When fear focuses mental energy on the negative what if it focusses the mind on the worst thing that could possibly happen, rather than what is most likely to happen. This causes a paralysis that makes it difficult to apply yourself now, to do what you need to do now to make even the most likely event happen.

The result of this is that however unlikely the worst possible event is by non application due to fear of the worst thing that can happen you are making the worst thing more likely to happen.

Fear programs the mind to create images of negative future events, a mind that thinks in this way builds up pictures of negative ‘what if’ and our fear grows even more when we think of them.

Our unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real, what’s already a memory and anything we imagine could happen in the future.

Have you ever lost sleep the night before an exam or a job interview? even though this event hasn’t happened yet your unconscious mind believes it is true and you get all of the feelings of anxiety and stress as well as a sleepless night.

People in almost identical situations respond in different ways, the reason why this happens is due to the thoughts that run through their heads, we need to think of these thought patterns being like programs in a computer, and just like on a computer we can also run a different program.
When the mind runs the same programs again and again, it gets use to them and it runs them even  more, sometimes these thought programs stay running in the background.

So imagine a mind that ran the ‘negative what if’ program a bit too often that person would be programming themselves to fail and to fear the future.

The answer is therefore change the way you think and run a different program, imagine what will happen when you catch yourself running a ‘negative what if’ you stop the program and start to run the positive ‘what will’ program instead.

What will I do when I succeed?
What will I do when she says yes?
What will I do when I get that job?

If you are interested in learning more about language patterns like what if and how they can effect your neurology follow this link for a brief introduction into Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP.