Windows shortcuts can save you time and effort, its amazing how much time we all spend wrestling with windows, here are a few time and effort saving shortcuts that everyone needs to know, you can start using them straight away and you will wish you had used them years ago.

1. Clear away everything on the screen and show the desktop.
Windows logo key +D

2. An alternative way on Windows 7 to clear the screen and show show the desktop you can right click on the tiny rectangle in the far

3. Minimize the window.
Windows logo key +Down Arrow

4. Maximize the window.
Windows logo key +Up Arrow

5. Compare two windows side by side with the ‘snap’ across feature.
Windows logo key +Left Arrow or Right Arrow

6. Snap across to either side with the mouse by dragging the top of the frame of the window you are working on to the side of the screen.

7. Open the Task Manager in windows.

8. Open the Search for files and folders box.
Windows logo key +F

9. Quit the program you are using press

10. In any web browser scroll down a whole page with the Space Bar and move up a whole screen with Shift and space.

These are my top 10, what made it worse was whilst writing this blog my wife showed me two shortcuts that I never seen before that made it straight into the top 10.

Send me a quick message if you have enjoyed using this list and let me know if you have any more Windows shortcuts that you think should be in the top 10.