Lighting the spark is a great phrase, I like to think that it relates to getting something started, that initial ignition or momentary flash that sets in motion a series of events.

Lighting the spark is a trigger for something to happen, the question is what do you want to happen in your life and how can this be kick-started so that all of those changes that you need to make get set in motion.

By lighting the spark you create a sudden discharge across an insulating media this happens when the built up potential caused by an electric field becomes greater than the dielectric field strength of the insulating material, in the same way you have a latent potential within you and a spark is all you need to start the fire.

For you to realise your full potential in life lighting the spark, and setting into motion the catalyst of change that needs to happen in you is what you need to do.

Perhaps if we decrease the level of insulation around us that spark will flash sooner. Insulation is a resistor, so perhaps we now need to break free of this resistance that is holding us back, insulation is something that keeps us warm and comfortable, and that means we need to move out of our comfort zone, insulation also protects us against noise, so maybe now is the time to listen and to tell ourselves what we really want.  

Lighting the spark is the first step to release your latent potential, to fire up the catalyst and to put into motion the rest of your life.

‘Lighting the Spark’ was written originally for the upcoming book written by the Juvenate team.