Life is a Piece of Toast.

A young man was having a really bad day and to top it all his wife had told him he had to visit his old Uncle at the retirement home before he came home from work.

When he got there his Uncle was genuinely pleased to see him, and welcomed him in, they sat down next to each other and they began to chat.

Their conversation moved from small talk as the young man started to tell his uncle just how bad his day at work had really been. He talked about how hard his job really was, and how long it was taking him to get noticed, never mind get a promotion.

The young man continued to talk about his life and how it could be better if only he had this, or if only he could have that, and as he continued his Uncle got up slowly from his armchair, he walked slowly into the kitchen area of his small retirement apartment and put some bread into the toaster.

A few minutes later he sat back down next to his nephew and handed him a slice of hot buttered toast.

His Uncle began to talk.

“Your life is a bit like this toast” said the Uncle.

” You can’t just think about it and make things happen”.

“Yesterday I had to drag my old body out of bed, I had to get dressed, get some money from the bank, and only then could I go to the shops”.

“After that I carried my shopping all the way back here even before I could put a single slice of bread into the toaster.”

He took another bite of the toast and carefully savoured the mouthful before carrying on.

“Things don’t just happen, to get what you want there needs to be preparation even for the simplest of things, just like this toast”.

The young man finished his toast and looked up towards his Uncle, his old Uncle smiled at him and continued;

“The funny thing is” said the old man looking seriously at his nephew;

“Life is like a piece of toast, and the joy you get is about savouring each mouthful because when it’s gone it’s gone”.

The young man watched as his Uncle put his plate down and pushed it away, on the side of the plate remained just a single crust.

Life is a Piece of Toast – Author Juvenate Limited.