Life Balance.

Life balance is all about achieving a harmonious relationship in all of the facets of your life, it is is important because too many people neglect some aspect of their life to the extent that their life becomes unbalanced, and left unchecked this can cause stress, anxiety and lead to a variety of other health problems.

Many people including life coaches and therapists use the ‘Wheel of Life’ to help people explore their life balance and to look for areas that they are putting in too much time at the expense of others.

For example a person spending too much time at work may neglect their family life or their health, and before long despite their business being a success their family life or their health may suffer.

We have all heard the story of the ‘man who worked himself into an early grave’ and by examining your life balance this helps you look strategically at your life and correct any imbalance that may be present for the benefit of the whole.

The wheel of life is a great tool yet it is not dynamic, it is only a snapshot of your life balance at one given moment, and like trying to balance on a stationary bicycle your wheel of life at any given time could be unsteady.

Your life should be fluid, it should always be moving, and so should your ‘wheel of life’.

I’m sure you will agree that today’s world is not static, the pace of life is increasing and life today is generally getting busier, and your ‘wheel of life’ tends to move accordingly becoming a blur constantly spinning around.

To complicate matters technology like smart phones are carried with us at all times and by doing this we are also attached to the office 24/7, in doing this the boundaries between  different aspects of lives are becoming blurred making it increasingly difficult to keep our work and business life apart.

When was the last time you checked your emails in the evening or even worse over the weekend?

It is for all of these reasons I like to think of the wheel of life not so much as a wheel but as a wheel that spins, rather like a spinning top, it still has to be balanced, yet by spinning and by keeping moving we also get more stability.

Too many people and coaches have the misconception that the wheel of life is a tool to help you slow down, but let’s use the spinning top analogy, a spinning top is only steady if it is spinning, it too can fall over when it is unbalanced or if it is moving too slow, yet providing your wheel of life is spinning like a spinning top inertia and momentum will keep it balanced.

By looking at the priorities in all of the facets of our lives we can keep our life balanced and it is addressing the priorities that we meet every day that are the key to a balanced life, it’s not just which sector we are spending our time in.

Life balance is about continuously looking at where the priorities in our lives are on a regular basis and keeping our life moving to correct any imbalance.

When home life is a priority, we need to make sure that we spend our time focusing on getting the most out of the moment, when health is important we should make sure that every day we eat, rest, relax and take some time forour selves. When the financial or work section of our life takes priority we need to make sure we work hard and do our best to succeed, and there’s no harm in being busy.

The trick is to use the wheel of life as a template not a rule, and to re-adjust what we do every day to address the priorities we have in front of us, looking at your life with a therapist or a coach a few times a year is not good enough, assessing your life balance should happen every day because this is the only thing that will give you the ability to focus every day towards doing the best you can do with the time that you have available.

Sometimes we may feel like slowing down, and sometimes we need to speed up, it doesn’t matter because there’s a time to spin fast and there’s a time to spin slow, the trick to the ‘spinning top’ analogy is that you don’t run out of steam and that you can maintain your balance and momentum for as long as you need to, in order to get where you want to go.

In Summary.

Every day work on your priorities, take the time you need to make sure that you do the things that add value to your life, let go of the things that are holding you back, outsource the things that you don’t need to do, and take time for your self every day.

Re-address your ‘wheel of life’ every day, work on your priorities in all aspects of your life and make sure you have the energy to keep your wheel spinning.

Don’t be afraid to be busy, just be busy with all of the things that are a priority to achieve your life balance right now.