I felt frustrated today, we are taught that sometimes our patients may know more than us, but this wasn’t why I was frustrated.  

Ask yourself does reading a good book make you a good novelist, perhaps then taking this further does reading about depression, stress and anxiety make you better at handling it, perhaps I’d say that knowledge is only the start.

So will trying a few brief counselling sessions really help you? or do you also need to bring that methodology out of that session into your life as well? Will going to the physio for a twenty minute appointment every few weeks really make the difference to your aching back or do you also need to practice those exercises every day as well between appointments to get real results.   

Knowing is knowing, and knowing what you need to know is the first step, but it’s knowing what you need to know and doing what you need to do that makes the real difference.

Perhaps you already know what you need to do, and when you already have the answer no more knowing is ever going to help you do anything other than join the ranks of the ‘know it all’ arm chair professors. There are times when too much knowledge can stop you from taking action because knowing too much can also give you too many options and decision paralysis sets in, so don’t over think it and perhaps when you know what you need to do that’s all the knowledge you really need.

Perhaps my frustration is that sometimes the answer is staring everyone in the face, and then the only thing that is really going to help is for you to start doing what you already know needs to be done.

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