Intuition is the ability to come up with an answer without the process of logical reasoning, its often the difference between us making a right or a wrong decision, and that could mean the difference between success and failure in your life.

In fact the word intuition is derived from the latin word ‘intueri’ which means to look inside, and to come up with a hunch or a ‘gut’ feeling that something is right despite their being little evidence available to confirm this.

The important thing about intuition is that it gives us the ability to think faster than we are consciously aware, it allows us to act on instinct, in the real world it gives the experienced doctor the ability to spot a sick child or make a complex diagnosis at a quick glance. Intuition gives the experienced business man the ability to spot a good deal or the sportsmen the ability to make the right pass or take the right option to set up the winning goal.

In every day life intuition is the feeling you get when the answer to something materialises into our consciousness, this is usually the result of the behind the scenes work of your unconscious mind which is where your brain handles masses of complex information every second. Intuition is a skill developed from your primitive survival responses, that can now be used in this information age to provide us with direction despite being overloaded with too much data.

If all of this sounds a bit complicated here’s an example, think back to when you first learned to ride a bike, I’m sure initially you fell off a few times, and this is because you were trying to do it consciously, the conscious mind can only handle so much information, when we learn to ride a bike, or to walk, or to run for that matter it needs to be learned by the unconscious mind, it needs to happen intuitively and automatic. When I ask you what are seven sevens does 49 pop into your mind, I doubt anyone reading this had to consciously add 7 to its self 7 times to consciously come up with the answer.
So just like learning our time tables we can learn to be more intuitive, because intuition is based on what we already know, it’s based on our experience and it is also said that intuition a product of the ‘right brain’, which is the part where creativity lies and where non verbal communication lies which is why you just know what to do, it feels right but you can’t explain why.

Three ways we can develop our intuition.

1. Do more of what you want to be intuitive about, the more you practice the more you develop intuition and the more things become automatic.

2. Tune into you Intuition, when you get a feeling that you need to do or not do something write it down in your intuition journal, go back to it in the future and see if you were right.

3. Relax, do something creative and if you really want to push the boundaries learn how to communicate with yourself better by meditating or try some MBCT.

Intuition is a tool that we have at out disposal, with skill we can turn it from a blunt ‘gut’ feeling to a moment of insightful genius.

The only real valuable thing is intuition – Albert Einstein.